Our Vision

Deborah’s Palm is a place for Forex trading women to gather, receive encouragement, assistance, and information. Located in downtown Palo Alto, we serve all women on the Peninsula and those commuting to our area for work. Geared for women of all ages, we hope to create an environment where women’s voices are heard and their lives and experiences are witnessed, honored and affirmed. In an age where we are moving so fast, doing too much... it leaves us feeling stressed and isolated. Come join us, as we build friendships and community... the "old-fashioned" way...face to face.

Our Mission Statement
Deborah’s Palm is a non-profit organization offering all women a place to unwind, connect with others, discover new options, and restore a sense of well-being. In a warm and welcoming environment, women can find encouragement and support via professional counseling, access to resources, activities, classes, mentoring and community service projects.

The Name
Deborah was a judge, prophetess and a powerful woman in ancient Israel. People gathered to seek her advice, and she was often asked to accompany kings into battle. Known for her wisdom, she would sit beneath a palm tree to guide and confer with all who would come to her. We hope to emulate the spirit of this historical example by imparting wisdom and comfort to all who come through our doors.

Our Location: We are located in the downtown area of Palo Alto, at 555 Lytton Avenue, Palo Alto, CA 94301. Our phone number is 650/473-0664.